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Dalmax Checkers

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Dalmax Checkers implement the classic game of Checkers
(also known as Draughts, Dama, Damas, Shashki).

This game offers the user the possibility to choose the game rules to use, infact checkers game is popular all around the world, but each country has developed his personalized rules set.

Other then the offical rules, it is also possible to use the "custom rules" option, which let you create a personalized set of rules (i.e. if you want to play without the "forced to take" rule)
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The rules actually supported by the game are:

  • English checkers (Draughts),
  • Italian checkers
  • International checkers 10x10 (Polish draughts)
  • Brazilian checkers
  • Pool checkers
  • Spanish checkers
  • Russian checkers (shashki)
  • Portuguese checkers
  • Czech checkers
  • Turkish checkers
  • Thai checkers
  • Tanzanian checkers
  • Custom rules checkers

In the game it is possible to change the board and pieces graphics, so to play in your preferred enviroment.

When moving a piece it is also present a vibration and sound (both on/off selectable in the option menu).

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